A Lack Of Discipline Is Crippling Your Progress

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Leadership Lesson: The pathway to a lot of what you want in life has a name. It’s called, “Discipline.”

Discipline will equip us better for every trial and opportunity up ahead, but LACK of discipline will cripple otherwise obvious opportunities to excel, grow, and bring lasting impact to our lives and the lives around us.

A lack of discipline is the REAL problem behind so many OTHER problems. 

In Joshua 17:14-18, the Josephites approach Joshua requesting another allotment of land because of their large population. Joshua tells them that they should take the heavily forested hill country nearby, even though their enemies inhabit it.

The Josephites think this sounds like a lot of work, so they ask again. 

Joshua didn’t feel sorry for them. 

  • They thought they had a LAND problem, but they really had a DISCIPLINE problem.
  • They complained that they needed more room, yet they don’t want to go TAKE the additional land that had been given to them.
  • They had plentiful OPPORTUNITY, but they didn’t want to do the WORK.
  • They wanted to be GIVEN something, but they didn’t want to FIGHT for something. 

Joshua’s direction to the Josephites?

“The land you want is before you.  If you want it bad enough, then go take it.” (Summary of v.18)

Like the Josephites, what often keeps us from a more abundant life is not a lack of OPPORTUNITY, but a lack of DISCIPLINE. 

Discipline is what makes the difference between the mediocre and the high achievers in every field.

Is it possible that a lack of discipline plays a more significant role in your life than you care to admit?  

How much more land would the Lord give us if we would merely fight for it?

Consider the following areas:

  • Why is money always tight? Because you don’t manage your money with discipline?
  • Why aren’t you trusted with greater responsibility at work? Because you don’t have a reputation for competence or following through? 
  • Why do other people walk closely with God while you feel distant? Because you’re not disciplined about seeking Him in prayer and study of Scripture? 
  • What keeps other marriages affectionate and passionate while yours is a struggle? Because you and your spouse aren’t disciplined about communication and investing in your relationship?
  • Why are other parents close with their kid, yet you feel so distant from yours?Because you have only minimal quality time with them?
  • Why do some people have terrific friendships, but you don’t? Because you aren’t disciplined about BEING a great friend to key relationships in your life?

Of course, each of these may have their own unique challenges in your context, but DISCIPLINE is still an advantage that ANYONE who is willing to work hard can have.

And why wouldn’t you want an advantage?

But What About My Talent?  

You’re talented huh? No offense, but . . . SO WHAT!? A million people have your exact same talent. 

But only a handful of those can be found rigorously developing their talent through – you guessed it – discipline!  

Talent is, at BEST, the SEEDLINGS of genuinely exceptional performance – it is potential – all locked up in seed form. 

Discipline turns the POTENTIAL into ACTUAL. Discipline is the Miracle Grow to your seed of talent.

Maybe I Just Need Another Fresh Start.

A fresh start WON’T WORK without discipline.  

Starting something new, without the advantage of discipline, will just cause you to excitedly breakdown a mile into the trip.

God often brings his leaders into seasons where the point is mostly to grow in discipline.

Maybe, instead of another fresh start, new situation, or reliance on talent, what you 

REALLY need is to surrender to a season of developing discipline in areas you’ve been too lax.

And maybe some of that land you long for could be yours.

Leadership Lesson: The pathway to a lot of what you want in life has a name. It’s called, “Discipline.”

What about you? Where could a lack of discipline be holding you back?

Suffering Servant, Your Word says that You’ve not given me a spirit of timidity but of POWER, LOVE, AND self discipline (see 2 Timothy 1:7 NLT). Help me not shrink back from challenges set before me, especially because doing so is so unlike You. Help me not be afraid of hard work. Grant me tenacity and passion to rise up and PRACTICE discipline in the areas You’re calling me to excel.


Posted on October 16, 2018

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