Needing To Be Awesome Is Exhausting

It can become easy to become discouraged, to wallow in self-pity, and even give in to self-hate if we’re always meditating on where we aren’t, who we’re not, and what we haven’t accomplished compared to those who appear to have their acts together. When negative self-talk comes seeping into our brains about ourselves, it’s time to course-correct our thought-life.

The Devil Is Playing The Long Game With You

The Apostle Paul didn’t think it was wise to be unaware of Satan’s schemes, and we shouldn’t be either. It’s always an advantage to consider the tactics of the enemy, and one often overlooked device is his commitment to wear you down.

How To Get Out Of A Lust Trap

Like it or not, you have a spiritual enemy who would love to DESTROY your leadership.  And if you have ever struggled with LUST, this will be one of his main strategies to do it. Any time we feed an impulse to satisfy our human desire for physical, intimate connection that is outside the boundaries of God’s word, we are giving ground in our hearts to a rival of Jesus.