When You Feel Overlooked and Forgotten By God

No matter WHO we are, God’s servant-leaders will experience lonely seasons at Cherith. Cherith is the unexplainable waiting place. It’s the place where we feel forgotten, cut off from the blessing that used to be ours.

Are You Taking Your Leadership Call Seriously Enough?

Is there anything more tragic? Samson, the living legend, a titan of incredible power – was reduced to a blind circus act before the enemies he was born to destroy. Like many of us, Samson seemed to like the IDEA of a calling more than the WORK of one! The cost of the fullness of any true calling is character – not who we pretend to be for a watching world, but who we actually are when no one is looking – this is what determines our destiny and legacy.

Your Keyword for Defeating Giants

David WAS confident about facing Goliath, not because he had DEFEATED the lion and the bear, but because he was DELIVERED from them. One word can make a lot of difference. DEFEATED is very different than DELIVERED.

Two Reasons You Need To Try Different Goals

God will sometimes close doors to get us to work on what we NEED to grow in – not just what we WANT to grow in. It’s called GROWING UP. This is hard for leaders because they naturally have a passion to take ground toward some vision. Even so, we can become so focused on our FAVORITE goals that we can’t see other opportunities to grow right in front of us.