A Leader’s Most Under-Appreciated Asset: The Holy Spirit

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Could you use more direction from the Holy Spirit? (The answer is “Yes.”)

While it would not be correct to describe the Holy Spirit as a chatterbox, it’s also wrong to say that He doesn’t speak, guide and instruct those who seek His direction.

This includes, not only through His Word (although that is preeminent and not to be neglected) but through his personal voice in our spirits (sometimes referred to as the still, small voice).

God wants us to thirst after righteousness in our own lives, our homes, our jobs, and our church. So He gives us the Holy Spirit (see Matthew 5:6).

We are not robots – we are not human doings – we are human beings that God made and wants to direct by His voice. This is especially important for leadership-types. God wants to train us to be led by MORE than just goals. He wants us to be led by the Spirit.

The Christian Leaders’ Greatest Asset Is The Holy Spirit

A close relationship with the Holy Spirit of Jesus should be a priority for every Christian and Christian leader.

The Holy Spirit will always point to and bring glory to Christ, but as theologians throughout church history have rightly said, this doesn’t mean we should minimize His full deity or that it should exempt us from adoring, praising, and loving Him.

Since He is the third Person of the Trinity, He is to be worshipped, loved, and adored as God.

The Holy Spirit Wants More Access to Your Decisions

What do we need direction about? Anything that is on your mind.

  • Whether or not to take the promotion
  • How to respond to a particular child’s recent changes in life stage
  • Whether to move or stay
  • If there should be a shift in priorities, given some new responsibilities

Ask for a More Spirit-Saturated Life

But seeking a greater closeness to the Holy Spirit isn’t just about information.

Just as a dry valley that needs to be filled with water must first empty in order to receive it, so it is only when we realize the inadequacy of our own wisdom and power, that we are ready for Him to fill us afresh with Himself. 

Ask for more of the Holy Spirit if you want Him to speak more.

“If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him?” (Luke 11:13, NASB95)

How much MORE indeed?

However much more is possible (an infinite God filling a finite human), we are pursuing not more of His Person, but more of His wisdom, the sense of His closeness, His power, direction, joy, etc.

Stay On the Track in the Bible

Of course, we’d be foolish to talk much about receiving divine direction from the Holy Spirit without some crucial warnings.

  1. I CAN BE wrong about what I think I’m hearing.
  2. The Bible is NEVER wrong.

Because the Bible always presents God and His heart correctly, but what we THINK we are sensing can be wrong, we need to stick very close to the Bible as we seek to be led by the Spirit.

In this way, the Bible is like a set of train tracks, and listening to the Holy Spirit is like the train. Just as a train leaving its track will result in disaster, in order to have accurate communication with the Holy Spirit, we need to stay on the ‘tracks’ of the Bible. 

Try this:

Ask for direction about TODAY:  

During your daily time with God, bring your to-do list for the day before the Lord. 

“This is what is on my list today.” 

Ask His wisdom in what to lay down, what to pick up, opportunities to testify of His goodness.

Ask for direction about the FUTURE: 

“Is there anything You want to speak into this upcoming event/interaction/season?” 

Then just wait. Don’t rush.

You may feel a prompting in your spirit, something may come to mind, or you may even see a cryptic vision you’ll need to ask for understanding of (see Numbers 12:8).

You may need to KEEP asking for direction in a particular area over a week, several months, or even a few years. The Holy Spirit speaks when He is ready and when it is TIME.

Leadership Tip

As you are able, don’t be afraid to wait on the Holy Spirit as you begin a meeting. Too often, we can blaze into a meeting and expect God to bless OUR agenda rather than seeking Him for any amendments He might make to the schedule. 

Pray It

Precious Holy Spirit of Jesus,

You are mysterious, holy, wonderful, and easy to quench. Help me be open, responsive, and zealous about seeking Your fellowship. I need your direction and wisdom today and every day. Don’t allow me to keep doing things that quench You. Help me walk deeply with You in a way that brings much joy to us and glory to the Father and the Son.

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Posted on January 28, 2020


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