Prayers That Will Help You Think Right

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One of the most challenging battles of my life has been the one for INNER integrity. 

Is my secret life PROGRESSING and staying focused on Christ?

When I meet Jesus face to face, will He declare that I spent a lot of time more concerned about outward appearances than with living from a tender soul that was devoted to knowing and loving Him?

I tremble at such thoughts.

David Paul Tripp’s book, Dangerous Calling, is a terrific scouring of the soul for anyone who sometimes wonders if they’re serving God or ministry.

Here are some prayers I’ve put together that were inspired by his book. Try praying them for better thinking about yourself and this world.



Right Actions

  • May I minister out of a deep sense of my own need for Christ’s grace. May my preparation for all communication, trainings, or messages be devotional and not lead to judgment of others.
  • May I share credit, accept blame, and celebrate the collaborative process of the whole Body of Christ (local and universal).
  • May I seek out the ministry of the rest of the Body instead of pridefully thinking I don’t need it.


Right Motivations

  • May I lead with zeal for the reputation of Christ, and not MY reputation or my church’s own.
  • May I not desire to be esteemed by others (John 5:41).
  • May I have no hunger for the praises of people.
  • May I not need to prove that I’m right or win the argument.
  • May I preach, communicate, and represent Jesus out of a winsome, tender, humble heart.
  • May I be more concerned with ministry boldness for Jesus’ will than with how the people around me are responding to my actions (Acts 5:29).

 Right Thinking

  • May I not look for rest, comfort, peace, encouragement, wisdom, healing, protection, or strength in anywhere or in anyone except the Lord Himself. This is a recipe for pain. The LORD alone is my refuge.
  • May I remember that only Jesus is in, with, and for me at all times, and not fault others that they are terrible messiahs (John 2:24).
  • May I sit under my own preaching.
  • May I never lose sight of the privileges and glories I have been given in Christ.
  • May I define spiritual well-being and maturity by the mirror of God’s word and not by ministry, ministry success, or worldly success.
  • May I not view myself as more mature than I actually am.
  • May I not confuse growth in INFLUENCE as the same thing as GROWTH IN GRACE.
  • May I not confuse successful leadership with A HEART FOR CHRIST.
  • May I be alert to the danger of the ‘glory’ of being in charge and the power of being right.
  • May I use the power the Lord has delegated to me to serve others – not to be served (Matthew 20:28).
  • May I not believe that I can just force problems to be solved in the power of fleshly might or wisdom. May I instead bring problems to YOU for YOUR solution in YOUR time and in YOUR way.
  • May I not have overconfidence in my own experience or gifts. JESUS is the one who rescues, commands, transforms, delivers grace, and GIVES the knowledge, wisdom, and experience necessary to do His work.
  • May I not assign myself capabilities that I don’t have.
  • May I frequently consider the reality that I live in a fallen, broken world and I don’t necessarily think or deduce rightly, even when something seems obvious.
  • May I not be surprised that trouble will greet me every day, nor fail to believe that goodness and kindness will follow me all of my days (Psalms 23:6).
  • May I not blame all of the struggles I experience on others. Much of my trouble is INSIDE me – not outside me.

    Personal Identity


  • May I rest in my identity as a tool in HIS faithful and powerful hands.
  • May I not need my inner sense of well-being, meaning, or purpose affirmed by those around me, the people, or the programs of my church.
  • May I, by grace, live with a deep sense of my neediness for the continued operation of grace in my own heart.
  • May I have my identity in Christ instead of in a task, project, or role God has temporarily assigned me.
  • May I remember that I have a glorious and jealous Savior who will not share my heart or affections with competitors.
  • May I always remember that Jesus is determined to win my heart with redemptive love. And He will (Philippians 1:6).

Posted on July 18, 2019

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Mary Mussak
Mary Mussak
4 years ago

So much great infor.ation here I have printed it out to read daily, can never remind ourselves too much on how important these are. Thank you Carter for all your time and wisdom of his word to help us also to live it!!

Bev Weldon
Bev Weldon
4 years ago

Divine wisdom and grace. Soul stirring nutrition and abundant food for thought!???

4 years ago

These are greatly helpful, Mark! Thanks for putting this together.

3 years ago

Thank you, Pastor Carter. These are so helpful. I will print them out to remind myself of them.

Mark Carter
Mark Carter
3 years ago
Reply to  Tracy

Awesome to hear this was helpful, Tracy!

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