Rejected? Welcome to the Dead Prophets Society

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Wounded friend, 

Welcome to the Dead Prophets Society.

“God blesses you when people mock you and persecute you and lie about you and say all sorts of evil things against you because you are my followers. Be happy about it! Be very glad! For a great reward awaits you in heaven. And remember, the ancient prophets were persecuted in the same way.” (Matthew 5:11–12, NLT)

The Dead Prophets Society is a very exclusive club of those who are aggravating the enemy enough to draw sometimes even Christians to rise up and antagonize them.

Perhaps you’ve experienced:

  • A co-worker whoseems to be purposely take your comments out of context. 
  • A friend is accusing you of things you didn’t do or say.
  • A spouse who pushes you away when you’re bearing your heart.

I’ve been here a little while so I want to warn you – it doesn’t necessarily get any easier as time goes on – in fact, it may get worse before it gets any better.

  • Sometimes there is no convincing people. 
  • Sometimes people WANT to be mad.
  • Sometimes people WANT to be offended
When people have a hard heart against you, sometimes they’ll find something wrong with you – no matter WHAT you do. 

Rejection is hard.

As you know, your critics usually won’t dare to stand up and do what you’ve done.  Most often, they’ll prefer to stay safe in the bleachers, bleating out careless critiques of your courage – not caring that you’re a real person – preferring to regard you as caricature of all their fears and disappointments.

Even if they don’t – your real enemy will tell you they are.

That’s why the Dead Prophets Society is one of the most exclusive clubs in the universe (Jesus Himself was a member).

Here is some advice for new and long-term members.

1. This May Stay Hard For Awhile. 

It’s time you knew:

God’s win may NOT be that your critics will be humbled or that they’ll understand you.

The truth is, the more FOCUSED you stay on what people think the more DISCOURAGED you will become.

But take heart!

While rejection may not get much easier, by the grace of God, you’ll get better at a right RESPONSE to it.

If you choose to stay in the game, to go through pain, to embrace the CROSS that transforms you into the image of Christ, you’ll improve at your ability to bear it.

People will still be disappointed by your decisions; you’ll just be better at not letting it bother you as much. 

Your focus needs to be to:

  • Keep living
  • Keep forgiving
  • Keep praying for a soft heart
  • Keep trusting yourself to a God who judges justly (1 Peter 2:23)

2. God Has A Purpose In This.

Yes, even in this.

It’s essential to Him that you learn to love HIS WILL more than you love the APPROVAL of onlookers or naysayers.

While we can be rejected because we’re just plain wrong (and we should consider this option), it must also be remembered that rejection by men is a sign of God’s favor (Matthew 5:11–12,  21:42).

Rejection is how God has always trained His saints.

Did we really think it was otherwise?

The rejection of others uproots our hearts from earth’s soil and can plant it in Heaven – if we’ll let it.

Despite what anyone else does, Jesus desires for you and me to GROW:

  • In forgiveness.  
  • In humility.
  • In compassion.
  • In the ability to see another point of view.
  • In the determination to trust His purposes through the rejection of those who should have received us (uh  . . . the CROSS anyone?)

3. Let The Pain Draw You Closer To Jesus.

Jesus knows how hard rejection is. His childhood friends tried to throw Him off a cliff (see Luke 4:29)!

At least THAT hasn’t happened yet!

Good soldier, are you feeling used? 

  • Unappreciated? 
  • Passed up?  
  • Pushed aside?  

You’re in good company. Such are the lessons of the Dead Prophets who came before us. 

Hear them whispering now:

  • It’s going to be worth it. 
  • Jump up and down, because your reward will be very great! 
  • You were made for Heaven. 

In Heaven, there is no more pain, and your pain pays off.

A lot of people think you’re FANTASTIC! But even if they don’t – Jesus does.

The person whose opinion of you matters most in the universe not only accepts you, but He was rejected FOR you – so that you would never be rejected by the Father (Psalms 22:1, 2 Corinthians 5:21).

O Lord, 

Thank You for accepting and loving me no matter who doesn’t.  Help me forgive. Help me stay soft. Help me pray for my enemies. Use this rejection to create compassion for others and closeness to You. I trust that You will heal my weary heart and defend me when the time is right.


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Posted on November 14, 2018

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