Prayers That Will Help You Think Right

Maintaining inner integrity is so important when serving in a leadership role, but concerns about outward appearances can sometimes interfere with that integrity. When our actions, motivations, thinking, and personal identity are not firmly rooted in serving God, our inner integrity can diminish. Here are several prayers to help you pursue and maintain inner integrity through right actions, right motivations, right thinking, and remembering your identity is in Christ.

Needing To Be Awesome Is Exhausting

It can become easy to become discouraged, to wallow in self-pity, and even give in to self-hate if we’re always meditating on where we aren’t, who we’re not, and what we haven’t accomplished compared to those who appear to have their acts together. When negative self-talk comes seeping into our brains about ourselves, it’s time to course-correct our thought-life.

Building Your Confidence To Take The Shot

Bible CONFIDENCE is faith in God that He is going to use your strengths, skills, and even weaknesses to accomplish His purposes. This kind of CONFIDENCE is an AMAZING advantage and results in a different view of ourselves and many more wins over the long haul.

Is It Too Late To Fulfill My Dream?

Have you ever felt like you’ve missed the opportunities that others are leveraging, you don’t have the courage to believe for anything more happening, or if that (marriage, getting pregnant, a better career) were going to happen, it would have happened by now? Good news: If you’re still breathing, it’s not too late to see a move of God.

The Leadership Mistake That You May Not See Coming

If there is one thing that holds aspiring leaders back more than anything else I’ve seen, it is a lack of reliability. Unreliability will LOSE someone a great job, an open door, the investment of a leader, or an incredible opportunity.