Two Easy to Avoid, Must-Have Conversations

Words oftentimes matter more than we realize, am I right? While it’s tempting to shy away, these two types of discussions will change your leadership forever. Here’s how to shift perspective and take hold of these opportunities to build up and care for your people and the church. All for the glory of Jesus!

Why You Should Watch The Heart Of Man

I LOVE movies. The most impacting movie I’ve seen in awhile is The Heart of Man, currently showing on Netflix. Porn and sexual vice are a SEWAGE LINE that flows beneath the surface of our society. It is polluting the lives of the people you love and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

What I’ve Already Learned But Keep Forgetting

Sometimes I think back to who I was 15 years ago. I didn’t have even close to the same opportunities or privileges. Even so, even amidst financial challenges, several kids in diapers, and severe sickness, things were simpler then. There were deep lessons I was learning which would profit me to reflect more on today. It’s weird how you can spend so much of a season learning a particular lesson, and yet as time passes, those very lessons become obscured.