What I’ve Already Learned But Keep Forgetting

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This February marked my 21st year of walking with Jesus and has me feeling reflective.   

Sometimes I think back to who I was 15 years ago.  I didn’t have even close to the same opportunities or privileges.  Even so, even amidst financial challenges, several kids in diapers, and severe sickness, things were simpler then.  

There were deep lessons I was learning which would profit me to reflect more on today.  It’s weird how you can spend so much of a season learning a particular lesson, and yet as time passes, those very lessons become obscured. 

Here Are Six Things I’ve Already Learned But Keep Forgetting. 

1 . This Trial (Which Would Include ANY Trial) Is Because He Loves You. 

Trials are hard  . . . But they’re also how Jesus shapes us (see 1 Peter 4:12). 

If God is withholding what you’ve been earnestly asking for, it can ONLY be because of His great love for you and the much higher wisdom of His plan.  Younger me understood that when God withholds something NOW it is usually to give you something BETTER later.

2. Don’t Postpone The Core Stuff.  

Focus less on “arriving” and rather build a wise life that works.  This means that your

  • family life,
  • financial life,
  • and your spiritual life

are buttoned up and are a foundation to live FROM.  Don’t fall for the deception that these areas will work ‘someday’.  

Don’t put them off until after all of your dreams come true.

Younger me suspected that a STABLE life would not only be more satisfying in the long run, it would be a better foundation for whatever else might lay ahead.

3. Appreciate Where You Are.  

Be thankful for THIS precious season of time with your kids NOW.  Appreciate having a younger body and higher metabolism now. Enjoy the wife of your youth (Proverbs 5:18) – she is the best person you will ever know. True.

4. Who You’re Becoming Is More Important Than How Fast You Get Where You’re Going.  

Content yourself with the knowledge that the soul-work God is doing IN you (through the circumstances of THIS season) is really more important than hurrying into the NEXT season, even if the latter seems more exciting.

Pray often that Jesus maximizes what He is doing IN you. 

5. Your Window Of Time To Love Most People Is Slimmer Than It Feels.  

Treat folks extra kindly, knowing that most of them are not long-term fixtures in your life. 

The opportunity to love most people well is already going away.  Don’t miss it.

6. The WORD is almost everything.  

The other things are Jesus, family, and loving people.

So that said, and especially if you’re a commuicator, devote yourself to studying the Bible and enjoying the Lord. 

It is a GREAT honor to communicate for God. Give it your very best preparation.  

I’m all for feedback, but if you’ve truly given it your best before the Lord, people’s opinions of your preaching is essentially meaningless and not worth the brain cells it takes to think about it.  After all, you’re preaching to a parade and most won’t be around later.  

Enjoy the wonder and privilege of it.

Which lesson resonates with your the most? What are the lessons that you’ve previously learned that you need to spend time reflecting on?

Was this helpful? Let me know below and share this post.  

Posted on March 13, 2018

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