Why It’s Important That Baptism Is Inconvenient

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This past weekend at Fierce Church we had six people take the first step in their journey with the Lord through baptism.  That never gets old!

As wonderful as it is to celebrate baptism, it gets even MORE wonderful when we gain a deeper understanding of its significance as a FIRST STEP for the Christian walk.

Baptism is often INCONVENIENT, right at the top off the Christian life, because following Christ is INCONVENIENT, and He wants us to get that idea down right away.

Here are some key ideas to remember:

  • Baptism is an INCONVENIENT act at the very beginning of our walk with Jesus. (Acts 8:36, 38).
  • Baptism DEPICTS not only our new life in Christ, but our death to our old life, righteousness, efforts to please God, etc (See Colossians 2:12).
  • Baptism demonstrates that we embrace the INCONVENIENCE of DEATH TO THIS WORLD as the pattern for accessing the resurrection power of Christ (See Colossians 2:20 and 3:3).
  • Death to self, DESPITE inconvenience, is what God uses to release new levels of fellowship with Jesus and the power of His life through us (See Romans 6:5-7).

Want to go deeper into the significance of starting your journey right? Click here to learn more about baptism.

Think you might be ready to get baptized? That’s awesome! Click here to let us know and we’ll be in touch!

Posted on July 23, 2018

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