You Had One Job

Is God’s church all about gathering together on Sunday morning? Is that what it means to be a disciple? Pastor Mark Carter points to the definition of discipleship that is presented in the Bible to give us a better idea of what it means to follow Jesus.

Stretched: I Trust You Despite

Is it possible that the biggest challenge you’re facing right now is God’s way of stretching you? Pastor Mark Carter offers insight into how God works in us to strengthen us to go beyond where we are today.

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Asking for a Friend: Is Abortion Ever Justified?

What question about the Bible and Christianity is burning in your heart, demanding a solid answer rooted in truth? There is a chance that your question is echoed in one of the messages in this series, Asking for a Friend. In this message, Pastor Mark Carter answers the question: is abortion ever justified?

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Can’t Keep Quiet

What’s the most important thing you could do today that will have an eternal impact? Whatever came to mind, you probably realize that it will take courage to do it. From the account of the first church, Pastor Mark Carter shares how courage has been a main theme for Christians throughout the millennia. He then brings it close to home by sharing specifically what this church, Torch of Faith, needs to be courageous about; not only now but always.

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