Follow the Holy Spirit: Trust the Process

What should you expect when you follow the Holy Spirit? Pastor Mark Carter highlights three things that happen that are definitely worth knowing about to help you navigate through life.

For Those To Come: Leveraging Your Opportunity

It’s been a year since the launch of the “For Those To Come” campaign. Pastor Mark Carter reflects on where we’ve come and where we’re headed. Prepare to be challenged to make a difference and help build the future for those to come.

Asking for a Friend: Why Didn’t Jesus Talk About Homosexuality in His Teaching?

What question about the Bible and Christianity is burning in your heart, demanding a solid answer rooted in truth? There is a chance that your question is echoed in one of the messages in this series, Asking for a Friend. In this message, Pastor Mark Carter answers the question: Why didn’t Jesus talk about homosexuality in His teaching?

Stretched: God Is a Rewarder

How do you keep going when you’re feeling stretched? Pastor Mark Carter encourages us with one of the most legendary examples of keeping the faith.