When the City Is Burning

Many of you have been discouraged, angered and alarmed at the shooting, at the chaos and of the destruction that has been taking place in Kenosha WI. Pastor Carter originally had a different message planned for the week, but the Lord woke him up to give us this message instead. Today we are going to talk about what to do when the city is burning.

Race + the Kingdom | The Power of Vision + Remembering

Race + the Kingdom | The Power of Vision + Remembering The gift of vision is an essential tool that God gives us to get hard things done. And the bigger the mission, the more important it is that we have crystal clarity on the vision. But vision isn’t the only...

Race + the Kingdom | Poison in the Pot

Race + the Kingdom | Poison in the Pot What do you do during national duress? We are going to be diving into scripture and apply some principles from the Bible to help us navigate these challenging times we’re in. Today we will be discussing “you...

ALL Pre-Categorizing of People Is Evil

It’s alarming how quickly so many are to call someone else a racist. Of course, we mustn’t shrink back from demanding justice where racism exists, but we need to remember that the enemy is not just ‘out there,’ but also IN HERE. Any time we pre-categorize people (even as a racist), we mentally assign a value to their personhood that is less than our own or someone else’s, and we are committing the same heart-sin as a racist.